Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers a progressive education system also with art facilities. It offers a safe learning environment with extra ordinary study opportunities for international students. This country is cheaper than the USA, Australia, UK, or Canada in terms of studies. New Zealand is one of the world’s lowest costs of living means that tuition costs and living expenses for any international students. New Zealand is a country with a low crime rate and one can get extended visa for job search and other opportunities like paid internships, PR (Permanent residency) etc

New Zealand is located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main Islands are North Island and South Island and both are marked by volcanoes and glaciations. New Zealand is situated 1500 kilometre east of Australia across the Tasman Sea. New Zealand is a high-income economy and ranks highly in international comparisons or national performance such as health, education, quality of life and economic freedom. New Zealand offers international education in every sector and its qualification is worldwide recognized. After the successful completion of diploma or degree, students will get plenty of opportunities globally.

New Zealand has following features:-

  • Original Maori name of New Zealand — AOTEAROA
  • Capital of New Zealand — Wellington
  • Dialing Code — +64
  • Currency — New Zealand Dollars
  • Population — 4.471 million
  • Official Language — Maori , English, New Zealand Sign Language
  • Temperature — 4ºC-25ºC

Top Reasons to choose New Zealand!

Excellent quality of programs & courses

All the programs offered by the state-funded universities in New Zealand go through stringent quality checks. All non-university education programs need to be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), a New Zealand government organization responsible for quality control. In fact, you won't get a student visa if the course you're planning to pursue in New Zealand is not approved by a quality assurance body like NZQA.

Affordable tuition fee

The cost of studying in New Zealand is much less compared to countries offering same programs. The tuition fee + cost of living for New Zealand is cheaper than popular study abroad destinations like the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland

An MBA program in New Zealand is much less compared to those offered by many institutions in the Northern Hemisphere.

In fact, international PhD students pay the same fees as domestic students of NZ.

Diverse and Unspoiled Scenery

Made up of two main islands and a host of smaller ones, New Zealand has an amazing range of breathtaking scenery, from subtropical forests, beaches, and offshore islands in the north to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains, and large flat plains in the south. There are also fjords, volcanoes, hot springs, and beautiful rolling green pastures, a diversity like no other place on earth.

The Unique Wildlife

New Zealand split from the large landmass that once joined Australia and Antarctica about 85 million years ago. As a result, bird and plant species can be found here that exist nowhere else in the world. Forests are full of an abundance of interesting plant life, from the towering ancient kauri trees to fronds of nikau palms. You might even see a kiwi, the small, flightless bird that has become New Zealand's national symbol.

The People

"Kiwis," as the locals are called, are a friendly bunch and very welcoming to visitors. A wide range of cultures is represented here, but New Zealand is an ex-British colony and the European influence remains strong. There's also a unique accent.

Outdoor Adventures

Where else can you go surfing, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, tramping, sailing, swimming, parachuting, horseback riding, or caving all within a 100-mile radius and even on the same day? Don't forget to try the bungee jump, invented and made famous right here.


You're very unlikely to experience crime in New Zealand. Safety isn't an issue, even for women traveling on their own. And if you venture off the beaten track into the wilderness, here's more good news: New Zealand isn't home to any nasty plants, critters, or creatures. In fact, it's one of only two countries in the world that doesn't have snakes, the other being Ireland. So head on over to New Zealand. You'll have an amazing time.

Documents required for New Zealand Visa Process

Following documents will be required for application purposes in New Zealand

  • Valid Passport
  • Student Visa Application Form
  • Offer of Place
  • Health Insurance Receipt and Character certificates
  • Two Passport-Sized Photographs
  • Educational Certificates
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Score
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Covering Letter
  • Financial Documents
  • Application Visa Fee
  • Police Clearance Certificate

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