Why Study in Australia?

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. International students choose to study there because of the diversity in the environment that contains friendly natives and high quality of education.

The Australian government welcomes potential international students with open arms, and they actually offer up to $250 million dollars a year in scholarships, grants, and other financial aid that is specially set aside for international students. There are also many different schemes provided by the government in order to get Scholarships.

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Top Reasons to choose Australia!

Great Approach in Education System

This coastal area has one of the best education systems in the world. There are many universities like the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, and the University of Sydney are among the 50 best universities of the world.

Easy access to jobs for students

A student can work for 20 hours per week during the semester and they can even work for full time during their semester off. Student can also find part-time jobs during their studies, e.g. in agencies or companies.

Amazing Climate and Lifestyle

The climate and outdoor lifestyle are world famous and continually attract people to visit the country.

Health and Safety

This country also focuses on safety with studies. Arranging your insurance will also enable you to rest assured that your healthcare needs are supported.

Study Visa Requirements for Australia

To Study in Australia one will need to apply for both admission to an institution and also for a student visa from the Australian Government.

There are a number of steps you must go through including:

  • Deciding course and institution.
  • Submission of Application.
  • Receiving and accepting offer letter.
  • Receiving your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).
  • Applying for your student visa.

Documents required for Australian Visa process

  • Original Passport (Including Old Passport) (All pages)
  • School Leaving Certificate / Birth Certificate
  • 10th, 12th Mark sheet And Attempt (credit) certificate
  • Diploma or ITI Mark sheets, Degree or Provisional Certificate
  • Bachelor Mark Sheets, Degree or Provisional Certificate
  • Master Mark sheet, Degree or Provisional Certificate
  • Transcript if available
  • Work Experience Letter (If applicable)
  • IELTS /English Language Certificate
  • Resume / CV
  • Any other relevant certificates (If applicable)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Marriage Certificate (If applicable)

Australia Study Visa FAQs

1. What is the age limit for a student visa in Australia?

You can apply for an Australian Student Visa at any age. However, special conditions apply if you are under 18 years old.

2. How much do students earn in Australia?

International students are often paid nearly average income is AUD $15 - $19 per hour.

3. Can I bring my family to Australia on a student visa?

Most student visas allow you to bring family members which include your spouse, and you and your spouse's dependent children. Before bringing your spouse or children to Australia, you will have to prove that you can support them financially.

4. How much money do I need to study in Australia?

The average tuition fee for international undergraduate students was AU$30,840 (~US$22,170) per year in 2018, and AU$31,596 (~US$22,700) for international postgraduates.

Study in Australia, the official government site for international students, gives the typical annual tuition fees for international graduate students as:

  • Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600);
  • Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,060) to $37,000 (US$26,600).

These figures do not include high-value courses such as veterinary or medical degrees, which can cost significantly more.

5. What is the cheapest course to study in Australia?

Australian Catholic University is the cheapest, with a tuition fee of around $23,000 per year. Another one is Western Sydney University , with fees for international students starting from $25,000.

6. Is studying in Australia expensive as compared to study in Canada?

Studying in Canada is much more affordable as compared to Australia.

7. Is 5.5 bands eligible for Australia?

Some of the good universities in Australia accepts IELTS 5.5 overall band with a good academic score.

8. Can I work while studying in Australia?

As a general rule, international students can work for up to 20 hours per week while school is in session, and full time during school breaks.

9. How much bank balance is required for an Australia student visa?

You have sufficient funds to cover the first year of your course, 12 months living expenses - approx. $21000.

10. How long does it take to get Australian student visa?

Australian student visa applications take two to four weeks to process.

11. How much is the Australia visa fee?

The current fees in order to apply for a Student Visa (Subclass 500) are set to $606 AUD. The price is always remain the same no matter the length of your studies. Please note that this price may vary depending on the location where you apply for your Student Visa (Australia).

12. Is it hard to get PR in Australia?

Permanent Residency is a point-based system, based on age, qualification, experience, and language.

13. Who can sponsor me to study in Australia?

Sponsor/s can be the applicant, parents, grandparents, or spouse only (relatives like brother /sister /uncle /aunt /cousin / family friend are not acceptable). School applicants have no restriction on sponsor/s.

14. How many years visa does Australia give students?

The maximum time of stay for a Student visa will generally not exceed 5 years.

15. Does Australia student visa get rejected?

A previous record of the applicant's visa history may cause Australian Student Visa Refused i.e. if the applicant has stayed illegally in Australia or a country other than Australia. If an Australian student visa refusal happens, the Australian migration law allows you to reapply.

16. My Australia student visa is rejected once, am I eligible to apply again?

If an Australian student visa refusal happens, the Australian migration law allows you to reapply. Many applicants whose visa has been rejected obtained a visa of the same or a different subclass after being rejected before.

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