Spoken English

Grammar is an important aspect to learn a language. It helps the learners to get good grips of language and build confidence. The main motive of this programe is to make the learner become fluent in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing English.

Course Details

1) Foundation

The content for this course has been designed for the students who have no exposure to English. The content of this course include basic vocabulary for day to day life. In this Course students gain the confidence to learn this language without phobia.

2) Beginners

This course has been designed for those students who don’t have sufficient vocabulary to learn the language or express their feelings. This course includes the basics of vocabulary along with the application of the same, in short sentences. After completion of this course anyone enables to express our self in English using simple sentences.

3) Intermediate

This course is for those students who have sufficient vocabulary but lack the ability to make complex sentences. This course helps them to work on their basic grammar for everyday applications. At the end of the course, the students acquire the functional knowledge for communication.

4) Advance

This course has been specially designed for those people who want fluency in English language. The course include the study of idiomatic English. They are also introduced on an open dais for public speaking which helps them to face various challenges from every facet of life.

5) Special Courses

Interview Skills

Many people struggle with interviews even if they are the most experienced and qualified in their life. An interview is the process of match making the candidate with the job. This workshop enhances participant's overall personality with the help of postures and gestures which helps them to express confidently and present their abilities and skills in an effective manner.. Our soft skill training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday business.

Personality Development

By definition, Personality development courses are the courses that guide you about how to develop your personality? JP Study Overseas Personality Development Workshop enable individuals to acquire skills to achieve success and happiness in their personal & professional lives, and become confident and responsible person with Good Personality