IELTS Listening Coaching Classes

  • Approximately 30 minutes + 10 minutes transfer time.
  • The test is divided into four sections. It has 40 questions in total.
  • Students get a question booklet on which the questions are printed. The tape is then played and students write answers simultaneously while the tape is going on.
  • Students get time to look at the questions before the listening starts and check their work at the end of each section.

Course Types

Section 1

Usually a conversation between two people on general, everyday topic. First you are given some time to look at the questions for section 1. Then you will hear an example where you will listen to the correct answer. Then the listening is played (including the example). You will get around 30 seconds to look at the questions for every sub-section.

Section 2

Usually a monologue (only one speaker) of a social functional nature, informational talk. Can be social or academic setting. you get few seconds to look at the questions. There will be no example in this section.

Section 3

Usually a conversation between two to four people like Academic setting, Education / training based context. There is no example on the tape in this section as well.

Section 4

Usually a lecture or speech given as a monologue like Academic setting, Education / Training based context. No breaks in between. There might be a written example. You may get note or summary completion or multiple choice or a variety of questions. Here, the question types are divided in two parts. For example, question no 31 to 35 are multiple choice and question no 36 to 40 are summary or table completion. Now, when the speaker moves from question 35 to 36 i.e. when the question type changes, there will be a pause of 2-3 seconds. This pause is a hint for you that now the question type is changed.


As the Listening test progresses, the recording becomes more difficult. It does not mean that it becomes faster as it progresses; it becomes complex progressively and tests all the Listening skills of the candidate.


Vocabulary Building
Hesitation Removal
Fluent Conversation
Pronunciation Improvement
Group Discussions
Newspaper Reading
Motivational video lectures
Audio/video clips with Tape scripts